Arrange for a Generator Installation in Hayes, Williamsburg, Newport News or Hampton, VA

Be Ready in Case of a Power Outage

When disaster strikes, don't be left in the dark. A generator can keep the lights on at your home or office. Leave generator installation to the skilled team at Falcon Electric, LLC. We'll hook up your generator correctly so it'll start working automatically when the power cuts out.

Contact us today to schedule your generator installation in Hayes, Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, VA or surrounding VA areas.

Make sure your generator's in operational condition

Make sure your generator's in operational condition

You have a generator, so you don't need to worry about your power going out, right? Not so fast. For it to work properly, you need to keep it in top-notch shape. Count on the experienced team at Falcon Electric to take care of maintenance.

During our comprehensive generator maintenance service, we'll check for common problems, including:

  • Frayed belts
  • Low coolant
  • Weather and pest damage
  • Clogged fuel lines
  • Dead batteries

Call now to arrange for annual or biannual generator maintenance service in the Hayes, Williamsburg, Newport News & Hampton, VA area.